Christmas Prep – Dinner for 12, 3 Days Before

Now you make think I am mad, but every year we have a pre-Christmas dinner party for friends before Christmas. Normally it is about a week before, this year because of the way Christmas falls, it is just 3 days before. Hopefully it will help me hone my skills. The menu will be the following:

Truffle Arancini

French crab and shrimp tart with a frisee salad

Partridge – confit legs, pan fried breast, with shredded greens and bacon, bread sauce, parmentier potatoes and a Madeira gravy

Lemon Curd Souffle

Cheese – Manchego and Vacherin

Most of the recipes are ones already on the site. The one that is missing, the crab tart, is an adaptation from Julia Child and Simone Beck in Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

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