Surf and Turf – Wood Roasted

Surf and Turfike Cats for Christmas a pizza oven isn’t just for pizza. A pizza oven can do so much more, and much of that is about hot cooking of food. So get the oven properly hot. Fish skin roasts crisp. Beef gets beautiful caramelisation. The challenge is that you can end up with food raw on the inside and burnt on the outside, so practice is key. So last night, I cooked prawns in garlic, butter and olive oil. Then I moved onto a large T-bone (approx.. 1 kg), and alongside it we had two bream, just with salt. It all worked brilliantly, but when the oven is really hot 400C plus, you need to take the beef out, let it rest for a minute and then put it back in. This way is gets properly cooked.

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