Why the anarchic kitchen?

Welcome to my anarchic kitchen.

What is my blog about?

This blog is about my love of food and cooking, it about great ingredients, but most of all it is about how I taught myself to cook and sharing those skills with others. It is definitely not just a recipe book, it is not just something to blindly follow. There is a great deal of art and science is cooking and most of the time we lose the art and focus only on the science. We religiously follow recipes down to the last gram (and I am sure if our scales allowed we would go to the tenth of a gram if we could). That is not cooking, that is chemistry and is completely pointless in cooking. Many of us don’t learn to cook, we learn to follow a recipe.

I want this blog to enable people to free themselves from the prison of the recipe book. I want to answer questions that enable experimentation. Of course there are core skills and relative quantities, but when we know certain information we can then use it to make so many different things. For example, how many eggs set a pint of milk? Once we know the answer to this, we can make quiches and custards – from creme brule to a crab tart. That gives us freedom and enables the creativity and invention that should be at the heart of cooking. Leave consistency to the professionals, as amateurs we can be the true kitchen inventors or, if you will, create the perfect anarchic kitchen.












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