Barbecue Season

Today is officially the beginning of the barbecue season. The seasonal launch dates back a full 18 years, when one pancake day, we had friends over and in advance of the pancakes, had a barbecue. The tradition might not stretch very long, but the season does, only to end on fireworks night. So with the launch of a season, what to put on the barbecue. Well you will get a lot of barbecue recipes from me over the coming season, but for now, I am settling on a simple barbecue staple, sausages and burgers.

Sausages should just be cooked on a barbecue as you would expect. Then shove then into pitta with a great salad and mustard and ketchup. The burger must be home made, 100% pure beef. Buy the best beef/steak mince you can get. Shape it in burgers. Season. Cook. Then add a slice of cheddar on top and melt. Find a great bun and eat.

None of it should be complicated, but that is the beauty of the barbecue, simplicity of flavours and at the beginning of the season it is great to be reminded of this.

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