Christmas for 20-30, it is just a big roast?

Over the next few weeks I will be posting on my preparations for Christmas lunch. This year we have at least 20 people and it could go up to 33, although that remains unlikely. I am fairly confident having cooked for 19 two years ago and I am hoping that it won’t test my mantra that Christmas dinner for 20 people is just a big roast.

So what does our Christmas lunch consist of:

Tomato Soup, Cream and Croutons

Roast Turkey with 2 or 3 Stuffings – Sausage meat and apricot, Chestnut and Lemon and Herb

Roast Ham (someone else is doing this)

Giblet gravy

Roast potatoes

Petit pois a la Francais

Roast Parsnips

Brussels Sprouts

Bread Sauce

Cranberry Sauce


Savoy Cabbage

Sausage wrapped in bacon

Christmas Pudding (bought) with silver charms in it

Brandy Butter

Fresh Cream

Cheese – Vacherin, Cremier, Berkswell, Gruyere, Stilton, Goats Cheese (tbd)

Biscuits –oatcakes, water biscuits

Chocolates – Artisan du Chocolate Salted Caramel balls



Fruit – Satsumas, Clementines, Lychees, Grapes, Cherries, Pears, Apples

Christmas Crackers

Party poppers

I ordered our turkey yesterday – it is a 20 pounder, hopefully that will cover everybody and leave enough for the all important sandwiches in the evening and for boxing day.

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