Makeshift Barbecue Lamb

Open Fire Barbecue Lamb

I haven’t put anything on this site for quite a while. But with the sun shining and the world looking bright I thought I had to provide an update. This one is very, very simple. It has almost just one ingredient, great lamb. What makes it special is the form of cooking, an open log fire. This one was makeshift, on an Island called Osea, in the Blackwater River in Kent. Now I am a huge fan on the barbecue and good quality lumpwood charcoal (thank Big K for their restaurant quality stuff), but cooking over hot wood embers is even better. And, remember for this to taste good, you want to cook over the embers not the flaming early burning wood that has the acrid, bitter smoke.

Open Fire Barbecue Lamb

Mix all the marinade ingredients together and then rub into the lamb. Leave for two hours or more. Get the wood fire hot and skewer the lamp whole. Roast turning over the fire for around 30-45 minutes until it is beautifully pink inside. Eat with freshly cooked flatbread.

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